The Innovation Leaders Club is a private, elite club aiming at establishing productive interpersonal exchanges centered on sharing knowledge, experience and best practices, about topics previously chosen by participants

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Members and Partners

The Innovation Leaders Club is a private, elite club composed exclusively of senior executives. Its primary purpose is to share best practices and experience among innovation leaders.

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Meetings are held at well-known, often historic sites, with an intimate atmosphere in order to set the tone for an enjoyable, personalized experience. They are held in small groups to promote discussion and collaboration between the members

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Throughout the years, the Innovation Leaders Club has covered a number of highly relevant topics pertaining to the promotion, development and optimisation of innovation, from every perspective any organisation could benefit from.

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A number of qualified experts have lended their expertise to the Innovation Leaders Club, bringing their experience and insight to members around the world through valuable examples.

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Becoming a member of the Innovation Leaders Club means to join a network of innovation expert in a multitude of fields, to meet them and learn besides them during the annual meetings.