ROBIC, l.l.p. is an internationally renowned firm of professionals including lawyers, scientists and engineers specializing in Intellectual Property and Business Law. We provide dynamic and entrepreneurial representation to clients in managing all aspects of their intellectual capital.

We are recognized by our peers as a benchmark provider of legal services related to the protection, enforcement and commercialization of intellectual property rights and other intangible assets. We have successfully built upon our historical expertise in the field of Intellectual Property to offer fully integrated Business Law services.

Our mission is to advise our clients in knowledge-based and IP-intensive industries on how to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace through the effective development, management, protection, and commercialisation of their innovation and the enforcement of their proprietary rights.

ALTO Design

ALTO Design is the industrial design and engineering partner you are looking for to create, develop, prototype and innovate in the transport, medical and consumer product markets.