Dave Caissy

Dave Caissy holds a degree in Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.) from The Royal Military College of Canada with First Class Honours, as well as a Master’s degree in Engineering (M.Eng.) with a specialization in Innovation Management from the École Polytechnique de Montréal.

Mr. Caissy currently advises and coaches innovation leaders of international businesses on improving innovation management performance through effective business processes and strategies. Over the past 18 years, Dave has earned a solid reputation within the industry for his expertise, his listening skills and his ability to influence organizational changes related to innovation. He has received numerous recommendations from his 400 clients. Recognized as an international expert in his field, he works on projects with clients from many countries, is a popular speaker and is often quoted in the media. He is also a member of the Scientific Panel of ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management).

Dave Caissy is also the Founder and President of the Innovation Leaders Club, a select club comprised of more than 150 innovation leaders from North America and Europe’s most innovative companies. More recently, he and his team developed “Toolbox4 Innovators,” offering ready-to-use products and training in innovation management. He is also the CEO of Extended Publishing™, a start-up dedicated to publishing industry innovation with many patents pending.

He also teaches new product marketing to MBA students of Laval University (Quebec City), innovation and creativity to ÉTS Montreal students, as well as new product development to Master’s students of the École Polytechnique de Montreal and to students of Cegos’s Innovation Manager Program in Paris.