Dave Caissy

Dave Caissy holds a degree in Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.) from The Royal Military College of Canada with First Class Honours, as well as a Master’s degree in Engineering (M.Eng.) with a specialization in Innovation Management from the École Polytechnique de Montréal.

Mr. Caissy currently advises and coaches innovation leaders of international businesses on improving innovation management performance through effective business processes and strategies. Over the past 18 years, Dave has earned a solid reputation within the industry for his expertise, his listening skills and his ability to influence organizational changes related to innovation. He has received numerous recommendations from his 400 clients. Recognized as an international expert in his field, he works on projects with clients from many countries, is a popular speaker and is often quoted in the media. He is also a member of the Scientific Panel of ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management).

Dave Caissy is also the Founder and President of the Innovation Leaders Club, a select club comprised of more than 150 innovation leaders from North America and Europe’s most innovative companies. More recently, he and his team developed “Toolbox4 Innovators,” offering ready-to-use products and training in innovation management. He is also the CEO of Extended Publishing™, a start-up dedicated to publishing industry innovation with many patents pending.

He also teaches new product marketing to MBA students of Laval University (Quebec City), innovation and creativity to ÉTS Montreal students, as well as new product development to Master’s students of the École Polytechnique de Montreal and to students of Cegos’s Innovation Manager Program in Paris.

Sylvie Geneau

Sylvie Geneau is the Founder and Senior Associate of Créno-Innovation, a company specializing in creativity management, leadership development, and organizational design. She is also one of Mosaic's partners, a multidisciplinary center for training and research specializing in management of innovation and creativity, at HEC Montréal.

Sylvie has worked in both scientific and creative environments. This gives her a rich and diversified experience stemming from various organizational settings. At Cirque du Soleil from 2003 to 2013, she directed training and organizational development followed by planning, and development within the vice-presidency of casting and performance. These mandates allowed her to lead promising projects connected to strategy creation, leadership development, and organizational performance.

Sylvie also has more than twelve years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She worked with Glaxo Smith Kline in sales, training, and human resources and contributed to the redesign of the commercial division during two mergers. In addition, she directed organizational development and training at IMS Health Canada. At the beginning of her career, Sylvie practised as a clinician in a teaching hospital and researched and taught at the university level.

Sylvie Geneau graduated from McGill University in science. She continued post graduate studies in biomedical sciences. With a passion for organizational dynamics and innovation, she next pointed her professional development towards creativity management with HEC Montréal. Energetic and determined, she engages teams in reflections and discussions. She also stimulates creativity and designs solutions tailored to renewal needs of companies.

Sébastien Caron

Sébastien Caron holds a degree in Project Management from ESG (School of Sciences and Management), a Masters of Sciences in Information Management with a mention of excellence, and finally a doctorate in Cognitive Informatics under the direction of Paris-IV Sorbonne and UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). He has received many awards and research grants.

His research work has contributed to providing organizations the tools needed for management of what is at stake at the informational, collaborative, and technological levels as seen in their innovation work. He proposed a step inspired by Design Thinking allowing employee involvement in evolution initiatives and organizational transformation. The social and collaborative tool that he created makes it possible to conduct strategic conversations in order to support continuous collaborative work towards innovation. His new development is currently used by Loto-Québec to help support and internal transformation project.

Mr. Caron has also been able to play the role of acted as a consultant. Along with many other career achievements, he helped to improve the computer systems at Crédit Agricole in France and developed one of the first social platforms for a French NGO. He also worked for the Vice Chairman of Knowledge Management and Productivity at CGI as an expert in Social Business on an international project targeting more than more than 69000 users. He was involved at the levels of innovation strategy, knowledge management (at CGI), and lead several communities of interest on the Company Social Network. In addition, he co-directed the Technological Council on Social Business and was responsible for writing the adoption and engagement strategy.

Thanks to this expertise, he opened Co-Nova, a company focused on strategical consulting in collaborative innovation. His company also developed a series of supporting software applications making use of social mechanisms and supporting collaborative innovation.